Next generation skin

About the company

Synflora is a biotech start-up working and studying the human skin microbiome to benefit human health. The human body is dressed by trillion microorganisms closely interacting with our human cells. We understand the microbiome as an extension to the human host and combining its natural capabilities with new ones based on protein or siRNAs technology, we can get closer to an exclusive treatment against skin alterations.

Technology Skin 2.0

Synflora represents a platform based on engineered skin microbes capable of improving skin health by producing and secreting continuous active molecules within the hair follicle overcoming invasive treatments and low penetration. Synflora is able to produce and deliver therapeutics long term within the skin while being precise and targeted to the site of interest. Our technology enables the treatment of skin conditions by harnessing nature’s capabilities and precise genetic engineering efforts.


Marc Güell Cargol, PhD

Tenure Track Professor and Principal Investigator.
Co-Founder and Scientific Head.

Nastassia Knödlseder, PhD

CEO and co-founder.
Post-doctoral researcher.

MarÍa José Fábrega, PhD

CSO and co-founder.
Post-doctoral researcher.

Dr. Aiguader, 88
Barcelona Biomedical Research Park
08003 Barcelona (Spain)